Our Story

In 2015, Polio and Pentavalent vaccine worth more than Rs. 400 Million was spoiled due to temperature excursion of the storage unit while no alarm generated. This made up national news headlines and also caught our attention. FIA investigation revealed that the vaccine was not expired but spoiled because the correct temperature could not be maintained in the store room. We further did an extensive outreach into various hospitals, pharmacies and blood banks and found out that there was no effective mechanism for temperature monitoring of vaccines, drugs and blood storage in Pakistan. As per common practice, temperature is recorded manually twice or thrice a day on paper-based logs while there is no system in place for generating alerts in case of temperature excursions. Healthcare supply chain is also fragmented, and lacks end-to-end cold chain visibility through factory, distribution, transportation channels and retail stores. To address this grave issue our company indigenously developed an internet of things (IoT)-based real-time environment monitoring system. The system senses temperatures continuously, saves temperature data online and generates alerts when the cold chain breaks.


By providing cold chain intelligence solutions, NewVative aims to protect sensitive products and improve cold supply chain efficiency, for healthcare, food and other industries.”


NewVative’s mission is to create reliable, easy-to-use and scalable IoT-based monitoring solutions by nurturing inspiration and creativity in our team. Our solutions give confidence to our clients in running their operations efficiently bringing quality with convenience.

Our Team

Farrukh Bhatti

Founder and CEO

Farrukh did PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Auckland and Postdoc from Trinity College Dublin. He has immense experience of working on R&D projects related to cognitive radios, 5G, computer vision, machine learning and bio-signal processing. Some of these were done with industrial partners. His passion is to utilize IoT and AI to solve big problems and create a significant impact on the society. The same passion led him to co-found NewVative. He loves to read about entrepreneurship, psychology, neuroscience, leadership, personal development etc.

Moazam Maqsood

Founder and CTO

Moazam got his PhD degree from the University of Surrey, UK. He works at the Institute of Space Technology where he obtained a vast experience of managing various R&D projects. He has worked with Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.; a leading satellite manufacturer. He also has experience of managing big projects and handling large teams. He is a strong believer of industry-academia linkage and tech entrepreneurship. He advocates on translating projects from lab to market through customer discovery and creating commercial value for all stakeholders. He sees great value in using IoT for healthcare as well as other industrial applications.

Ibbtisam Asim

Technical Team Lead

Ibbtisam did his BS in aerospace engineering from the Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad. Early in his career, he found passion in automation, controls and IoT. He has an immense experience of working on several development projects such as design of ADS-D system, controller design for stratospheric balloon, hardware platform for computer vision-based parts inspection system, attitude control of spacecraft with consideration of failures in AOCS, measurement of CORS site deviation due to seismic activities and several other projects related to home and industrial automation.​

Sayaf Arbab

Head of Business Development

Sayaf has a background in business development with an MBA from CUHK business school. He has managed the global acceleration program in Silicon Valley and has extensive B2B linkages in Europe, Hong Kong and Pakistan. He has also led monitoring and evaluation of 70+ projects across Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. He is adept at fundraising, growth and business relations.